Stoneware jar to preserve the authenticity of the wine’s taste

Stoneware containers are ideal for maturing organic or natural wines. The porosity of the sandstone provides regular oxygenation of the wine without changing its taste or smell.

Certified Organic

We are proud of our organic certification obtained in April 2021

Red at rest!

Before tasting, the bottles are left to rest for several weeks

From vat to bottle

Filling bottles of red wine cuvée 2020

Bottling of red wine

Cuvée 2020 ! 1600 bottles and 196 magnums of the first growth red wine

Pressed juice and processing.

To limit oxidation, carbon dioxide is used to produce a smoky effect on the surface

Pressed juice

First juice from the 2021 harvest that will become white wine for our next vintage

Harvesting continues

Grapes bursting with the sun of Provence

Hand harvesting

With the greatest respect for the vines and the grapes

The 2021 harvest

In the first days of September the second year’s harvest takes place!