The 2020 vintage ready for tasting

What a great day! See you at the oenologist’s for the first tasting!

The hives

The beekeeper leaves a few hives at the estate before their transhumance, where the bees spend a few months in the mild Provencal winter.

Discovering the estate

A walk in the vineyards of the estate under the Provencal sun

Preparation of the vine

The month of May is reserved for the preparation of the vines after pruning and disbudding.

Preparation of bottle capping

These are corks that are used for bottling


Bottling stage of the 2020 vintage rosé


First bottling of the 2020 vintage

The smile of the Cellar Master

The bunches are as good as the long preparation!

Harvesting by hand

Each bunch is harvested by hand and carefully handled.

Late at night…

Evening of the grape harvest, sunset over the vines.